Corporate Family Fun Days - Special Promotion
Take advantage of our great Corporate Family Fun Day packages.
Get Nine Great Amusements  ...
We Offer
> Large Slide - 40ft x 40ft    >Tiger Bouncy Castle - 25ft x 25ft    > Gladiator Joust - 20ft diameter
> Wild West Fun Run / Assault Course - 40ft x 15ft    > Giraffe Bouncy Castle - 20ft x 15ft
> Bouncy Barn - 23ft x 15ft
> Dinosaur Bouncy Castle - 12ft x 12ft    > Sumo Suits - 12ft diameter    > Tug of War
Prices To Suit All Budgets
The Package  Can accommodate up to 70 users at any one time and is operated on a rotation basis.
We can also provide Refreshments at an additional cost:
> Drinks
> Pop corn / Candy Floss
> Slush Puppy
> Ice Creams
Any Questions ?
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